Rules for the California Democratic Party 2012 Convention

1. The Officers of the Convention shall be the Officers of the State Central Committee.

2. Delegates to the Convention shall be those delegates who were duly credentialed to the 2011 Democratic State Central Committee Convention subject to the provisions for replacement and filling of vacancies set forth in the By-Laws, and received by the State Party Sacramento office by 5:00 PM, December 8, 2011.

3. Seating of the delegates shall be by Assembly District.

4. No one will be admitted to the convention floor who is not a delegate, or proxyholder, except by special authorization of the State Chair.

5. Registration will close at posted times, unless special circumstances exist.  At that time, consideration will be given by the Credentials Committee.

6. Proxies will be subject to the provision set forth in the By-Laws.

7. In order to vote, and have one’s vote counted at this Convention, a member must have timely paid their dues to This Committee (or had them waived), registered for the meeting, obtained their credential prior to the close of credentialing, and completed and returned to the proper authority any ballot that may be issued.

8. The Credentials Committee shall issue its final report and place the official voting list of delegates in the hands of the Convention Secretary subsequent to the close of registration.

9. Requests to hang signs, banners and placards must be submitted before the Convention to the Convention Coordinator.  A fee may be charged per sign at the determination of the Chair of This Committee.

10. The purpose of this Convention is primarily the adoption of a Party Platform, endorsement of U.S. Senate seat and district-level partisan offices and June Ballot Propositions.  All other Party or State matters, reports, etc. will or will not be considered at Convention as determined by the State Chair.  Matters not heard at the Convention will be received by the Secretary and held over to the next meeting of the Executive Board.  Unless proposed by the Chair of This Committee, no resolutions will be heard or considered at this Convention.  All other resolutions submitted will be held over to the next Executive Board meeting.

11. In all cases at this Convention, proxies shall vote in districts where the appointing member resides.

12. The Rules and By-Laws of the California Democratic Party shall govern over these Rules in the event of a conflict.

13. Any matter not provided for in these rules or the California Democratic Party By-Laws and Rules shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.


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