2015 Democratic State Convention Agenda

Tentative Agenda – subject to change

 10am – 12pm  MOE drop in
 12pm – 11pm  Exhibit Hall open
 1230pm  WORKSHOP: New Delegate Orientation
 1pm – 2pm  Credentials Committee
 2pm – 4pm  Rules Committee
 2pm – 8pm  CYD Registration
 230pm – 415pm  CAUCUSES (first set)
 3pm – 9pm  Credentialing/Registration*
 400pm – 530pm  PANEL: TBD
 430pm  Resolutions Committee
 445pm – 630pm  CAUCUSES (second set)
 6pm – 730pm  Welcome Reception
 730pm – 915pm  CAUCUSES (third set)
 1015pm – 1215am  Hospitality Suites
 8am – 945am  CAUCUSES (fourth set)
 8am – 10am  WORKSHOP or PANEL: TBD
 9am – 3pm  CYD registration
 9am – 1pm  Credentialing/Registration*
 10am – 1130am  General Session
 12pm – 11pm  Exhibit Hall open
 12pm – 130pm  Luncheon
 130pm – 4pm  General Session
 3pm – 6pm  California Young Democrats / CCD/ HS caucus Meeting
 445pm – 545pm  Regional Director Elections
 445pm – 630pm  CAUCUSES (fifth set)
 5pm  Deadline to submit resolutions signatures
 515pm – 6pm  Resolutions Committee
 6pm – 8pm  Dinner
 730pm – 9:15pm  CAUCUSES (sixth set)
 1015pm – 1215am  Hospitality Suites
 8am – 10am  Exhibit Hall open
 9am – 10am  Credentialing/Registration*
 9am – 10am  Controller Crosby Event
 10am  General Session (ratify Regional Director elections, adoption of  resolutions)
 * In order to vote, and have one’s vote counted, at this Convention, a member must have timely paid their dues to This Committee  (or had them waived), registered for the meeting, obtained their credential prior to the close of credentialing, and completed and returned to the proper authority any ballot that may be issued.



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